April 17, 2015

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Today I will continue the masked adventure through the  third transformation of The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. Want to learn about the previous 2 masks? Head over to my first post here about the Deku Scrub or here for the Goron Hero.

File:MM3D Zora Mask.png
Source: Zelda Wiki
Today's mask is the Zora's Mask which allows you to transform into the lead guitarist and Zora Warrior, Mikau.

After rescuing Mikau from the sea, as he float unconscious, you find that he was trying to save the lead singer's, Lulu, eggs. They are part of the band the Indigo-Go's.

File:MM3D Zora Link Artwork.png
Source: Zelda Wiki
With the Zora transformation you are able to traverse the sea just as well as Link can traverse the land. This warrior is equipped with razor sharp fins which also double as a viable boomerang, even for collecting items that are far away. This transformation also has the ability to create a barrier of electricty at the cost of magic, which is very useful if you accidentally get swallowed up by a Like-Like. Also while you are swimming you are able to zoom at great speeds cloaked in an electric barrier, much like the Goron.

Unfortunately, the Zora transformation is weak to fire, much like the Deku transformation.

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