October 15, 2015

Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani and Christian Weineart


Every Friday 4:00 PM listen to a very articulate, provoking humorous Radio show Global Perspectives with impeccable Joseph Jorjoliani. Tune in to 91.7 FM and listen to discussions on relevant Global issues comprising of cultural, social, political nature of the global communities, every friday Global Perspectives will host guests from around the world including but not limited to, Germany, Scotland, Spain, France,Brazil, India, South Africa, Denmark, Nepal, Burma, Mexico, China, Hong Kong and many more.   

This week Global Perspectives hosted an international exchange student from Germany, Christian Weinert. Christian is mastering art of education at the University of Cologne and will be spending a semester at the Washington and Jefferson College.
Christian has shared many interesting facts about the city Cologne, that has many attractions for visitors to enjoy, one of them being the cheapest flight tickets to and from Cologne. Cologne is well known for its Cologne Cathedral that is under protection of UNESCO national heritage center. Christian talked about the social life and entertainments in Cologne, "the beer Kolsch is one of the landmarks of Cologne, no one else in Germany or in the world can brew Kolsch besides Cologne".

Christian brought several songs that truly represent the spirit of the beautiful country of Germany.

You can listen to the show on the soundcloud page of Joseph Jorjoliani