October 28, 2015

Spotlight on Josep Jorjoliani

Good afternoon WNJR audiences! I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. So per usual, Wednesdays mean someone has the spotlight and today's is one of WNJR's Joseph Jorjoliani. Joseph is from Georgia (the country not the state guys) and is a junior here at DubJay. Joseph is the station manager at WNJR Radio and is responsible for making schedules, setting up meetings and much more. He has a radio show as well, Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani, which you can catch at 4PM on Fridays. He is also a triple major in German, International Studies, and Communication Arts with an emphasis in Public Relations. Whoo! Yes, you guys are right, Joseph is a very busy and ambitious young man, so if you have a question about what it's like to be an international student or how to manage your time, please visit our page and feel free to send Joseph an email. Alright guys, stay safe and have a great day!