November 3, 2015

Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani and Amanda Murimba

Last Friday, October 31st Global Perspectives hosted Amanda Murimba from the Republic of South Africa. Amanda is an exchange student who is spending this fall semester at W&J, she is here to extend her knowledge in the fields of Communication Arts and Computer Information Science.
Amanda has already spent 2 months at our beautiful institution and is very grateful to have this opportunity to meet with professors and students not only from the US but all over the globe.
Of course, Amanda also faced a challenging quiz on Global Perspectives but her quiz was different from the others. Joseph offered her a pre-quiz on the listing of African countries which she lost 45 to 17. Joseph and Amanda had to list the African countries in 4 minutes as the song from South Africa - The Saga by Anatii feat Aka played on air.
Unfortunately, Amanda lost the final quiz on "How well you think you know your country", and left the station without a WNJR T-shirt. However, she shared many interesting facts about South Africa and discussed current student movement that marched against the tuition increase in South African institutions.

Click here to listen to Global Perspectives with Joseph Jorjoliani and Amanda Murimba