January 26, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Victor Kivuva


Victor Kivuva
On Campus there is an up and coming artist that has been making waves throughout Washington and Jefferson College. He started writing poetry at a young age reflecting the issues around the world. Globally conscious, he tries to incorporate current issues in his music. He would consider his style of music soulful floetry, not wanting to limit himself to the stigmatized category of Hip-Hop, although this is a sub-category of this versatile genre of music. His new single PE$A discusses the racial issues that are only examined surface deep based on skin color, but the real issue is socio-economics. The phrase "Iko wapi pesa"means "where is the money?"the message of the song is: Everything has a money trail and understanding the money helps one understand the problem. I encourage all to listen and comment on his soundcloud!