February 11, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Eryn Allen Kane (again?)

eryn allen
Source: Saint Heron

Happy Black History month to all you listeners out there! I hope you all are spending this month becoming educated on the important, interesting, and fun facts regarding African American history! Like promised, I am providing blogs about creative and talented artists within the African American history. For some of you, this beautiful songbird may ring some bells (hopefully it does, if not you are unfortunately missing out). Eryn Allen Kane, who I previously blogged about, has released another mixtape entitled Aviary: Act 2 (BRB currently thanking the R&B gods). Who says that R&B singers can't have fun over some fast tempo beats?! Not Ms. Kane. Aviary: Act 2 may have listeners ready to dance in one moment and ready to cry by their lonesome in the next (but who doesn't love variety, right?). I know this sounds intriguing and at this moment you're wondering where you can listen to Ms. Kane. But don't fret, we have Aviary: Act 2 right here on WNJR Radio. Tune into 91.7FM for a listen.