February 26, 2016

Gaming Den

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Today I would like to talk to you all about a game that I recently found for the Nintendo DS, which is the Megaman Zero Collection. This game is a set of 4 games released for the GBA under the titles Megaman Zero 1-4.

Source: Reviews2Go

The Megaman Zero's story comes 100 years after the events of Megaman X5, ignoring the games X6-X8 because they were made by a different company. At some point during the 100 years there was an energy crisis and the Reploids (essentially androids) were being hunted as they used up too much energy. Enter Zero, a currently hibernating Reploid, who is reawakened to fight off the oppression of the Reploids and hopefully bring peace the the area. The Collection Edition of the game contains an "easy scenario" mode, where one can play through all 4 of the games with all of the abilities activated, and it has a regular mode which lets you play the games as they were in the GBA release. Check out next week's blog where I talk more into the first game of the series.

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