March 15, 2016

Song Spotlight: Ultralight Beam

Ultralight Beam 
 In Ultralight Beam it seems as though Kanye is returning back to the old Kanye. The Kanye that made music to be thought-provoking. Ultralight Beam reminds me of "The College Drop," Late Registration," and "Graduation." Albums tailored-made for the audience that has followed him from the beginning. Ultralight Beam is about Kanye's faith in God this specific track has parallel between The Life of Pablo and the life of Saint Paul the Apostle. In the story Paul (Saul, before he changed his name) would travel to persecute Christians until he heard the voice of God and converted. This track talks about fighting off the devils of our everyday life and keeping the faith, when it seems all is lost. The Pentecostal choir in the background creates a sense of a church and soul atmosphere. If you are feeling like all hope is lost and want some encouragement, give Kanye a try. It seems as though we may be getting the old Kanye back. Listen to Ultralight Beam