April 7, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Alina Baraz


Alina Baraz is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio, who is now living in LA and is becoming a big name in the electronic genre.  In her most recent release Alina collaborated with Galimatias to create the "Urban Flora EP."  This was the first I had heard of both artists, and their unique combination of vocals and beats created a seamless blend of their talents.  Alina's voice is rather sensual and seductive, and combined with Galimatias's chill atmosphere, it is easy to see how songs like "Fantasy" and "Can I" capture their audiences attention.  If you are interested in hearing this wonderful combo then be sure to check out the video of "Fantasy" below.  Also be sure to tune in on Monday nights at 10 to WNJR for Bad Dance Moves, where you will be able to hear more from Alina Baraz and artists similar to her!