April 8, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Bryson Tiller (and The Weeknd?)

Source: Fuse
This next artist has yet to make it on the WNJR air, but believe me I am working on it. Bryson Tiller has been making ripples in the R&B/Hip-Hop ocean for some time. His debut studio album T R A P S O U L contains songs with a variety of subjects. Tiller speaks on his struggles as a new artists and losing the love of his life due to his own infidelity. He began receiving recognition once his hit single "Don't"started to become popular throughout the web. Yet his recognition does not stop at his fans. The Weeknd showed his support by remixing  one of Tiller's song "Rambo"from T R A P S O U L. This weekend the pair performed the remix for the first time live in Berlin. It doesn't get any better. Two innovative artists coming together to make new stepping stones in music. Make sure you listen to WNJR Radio 91.7FM to hear both artists on the air!