April 21, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Flume


Flume is  an Australian electronic music producer who has become rather well known in the genre over the past few years.  Flume released his first self-titled album in 2012 and has recently announced that a new album title "Skin" will be released in late May of 2016!  Flume has remixed many artists from Lorde to Arcade Fire, and has also produced many hits himself like "Holdin On" and "Sleepless." Flume has released a few songs off of his new album, "Never Be Like You" and "Smoke and Retribution," and based off of these releases, I would say it is safe to assume that Flume's new album will not disappoint. If you want to hear some of these releases or other artists similar to Flume then be sure to tune in on Monday nights at 10PM to Bad Dance Moves on WNJR!