May 5, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Major Lazer


 Major Lazer is an American electronic group originally created by record producers Diplo and Switch.  Switch left the group in 2011, but Diplo remains, and the group now includes members Jillionaire and Walshy Fire.  The band has a central electronic theme to most of their music, but they are also able to incorporate many other genres including reggae and house beats.  The group's most recent album was released in 2015 title "Peace is the Mission" which was also recently re-released as an extended edition which includes five more songs.  Some of the songs on the album include hits like "Lean On" featuring artist MO, which you can hear below, and "Powerful" featuring artist Ellie Goulding.  The group is also expected to release a new album in the near future titled "Music is the Weapon." If you get the chance, be sure to check Major Lazer out this summer at the various venues and music festivals that they will be performing at!  Also be sure to tune in to Bad Dance Moves on Monday nights at 10 to hear more music from Major Lazer and other similar artists!