September 30, 2016

Coyote Ugly - LeAnna Rimes

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Happy Friday! I hope your week went as fast as mine and you enjoyed it! Today I have a throwback artist that enhanced a movie that you may know very well. From the soundtrack of Coyote Ugly is LeAnna Rimes "Can't Fight the Moonlight." Although LeAnna covered other various songs throughout the film, this one symbolizes the end of the movie of the lead actress Violet, Piper Perabo, finally starting her singing career which was the goal of the entire movies. Through the trials and tribulations she faced, the importance of this song is that with the help of everyone around, she finally made it. I truly hope you enjoy this weeks song and enjoy the Coyote Ugly soundtrack mostly covered by LeAnna and watch Piper Perabo on ABC's Notorious every Thursday at 9pm. Have a great weekend!