February 16, 2018

Black History Month: Black Music Legends!

Hello hello gorgeous humans! We at WNJR hope your day is going well and just thought we'd shine a spotlight on a few Black artists that have shaped the music world in the past and present.

                                                                    Source: Wiki
Here we have The Blossoms, an unknown but very talented group of the mid 50's and 60's. The group was initially formed at Fremont HS in LA in 1954. Throughout their career different women stepped in to take positions in the group but the most notable, with the hit He's a Rebel. To learn more about The Blossoms go here. Also make sure to tune into WNJR or turn your channels to 91.7FM to catch a glimpse at the band's talent. Below is a recording of Good Good Lovin', enjoy!



                                                                                              Source: Wiki