February 9, 2018

Tips on How to Stay On Top of Work

Hello beautiful people! We at WNJR hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday! It's the beginning of the semester and things are getting fired up! So before things get out of control here's some tips to stay on top of your work!

  • Plan Ahead
    • Make sure you jot down deadlines of papers, tests, meetings, and presentations in order to make the proper preparations.
  • Study
    • Tests can be very difficult, so study a week or two before your test to be able to retain the information. Study your notes and recopy them to also help with retention. 
  • Deprocessing
    • Make what you're studying personal to you to make it easier for you to learn.
    • Procrastination is your enemy. Waiting until the last minute works for some people, but even then you can be put in a tough spot when trying to display your best work.
  • Tune into WNJR
    • Music is a great way to relieve stress! Listening to good music and relaxing is vital to helping you study. Taking study breaks by going to get food or listening to music can help you retain the information you've learned.
Thank you so much for reading and we at WNJR hope that your semester goes swimmingly!