February 28, 2018

Towers Podcast

New Episode of The Towers Podcast is Now Available!

A new episode of The Towers Podcast is now available! Listen to "Building Inclusivity in Exclusive Times Part 1: Assistant Dean of Student Life, Ketwana Schoos" by either using the PrezGuide App 

The #MeToo Movement, #TimesUp Campaign, Charlottesville, Virginia Protests, and many other demonstrations have ignited calls for equity across the nation in the recent months. However, how have these events and many others influenced the culture and inclusivity on college campuses? Today on The Towers Podcast, we start part one of a two part series to discuss all of this, with Assistant Dean of Student Life for Inclusive Campus Engagement, Ketwana Schoos. 
The Towers Podcast is a weekly podcast that has a new episode airing every Monday throughout the spring semester. Make sure to look for a new episode in every Monday edition of the W&J Weekly or on the PrezGuide App, throughout the semester.