March 15, 2018

Towers Podcast

New Episode of The Towers Podcast is Now Available!

A new episode of The Towers Podcast is now available! Listen to "Becoming Alumni Status: Director of Alumni Relations, Kerri Lacock" by using the PrezGuide App.

Every May, hundreds of W&J students join an exclusive club: the club of W&J alumni status. In today's episode of The Towers Podcast, host Cole Grecco sits down with Director of Alumni Relations, Kerri Lacock, where they discuss her unique path to working for the Office of Alumni Relations, why alumni should give back to their institution, and how the comedy movie Step Brothers, yes Step Brothers, plays into Kerri's every day role in the Alumni House.
The Towers Podcast is a weekly podcast that has a new episode airing every Mondaythroughout the spring semester. Make sure to look for a new episode in every Mondayedition of the W&J Weekly or on the PrezGuide App, throughout the semester.