April 20, 2018

J. Cole's New Album 'K.O.D.'!!!!!

Happy Friday everybody! If you've been paying attention you'd know that J. Cole dropped a new album and WNJR is here for it!


J. Cole's new album 'K.O.D.' brings light to the use of drugs, including those prescribed, as escapes from our realities. He speaks on the trials and tribulations that comes with being Black in America; police brutality, mental health stigma, addiction, and incarceration. J. Cole's reminisces about his life before and after stardom concerning romantic and platonic relationships. The album's lyrics are supplemented nicely with some psychedelic-like undertones. It's an album that deserves appreciation.
For more information on the album and it's meanings and themes go here.  Listen here or 91.7FM to catch some of J. Cole's tunes we have in our system!