January 29, 2019

J Cole: Middle Child

J. Cole Drops Single:
 "Middle Child"
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Photo Courtesy of Billboard
If you don't know by now J. Cole has dropped a new single and it has everyone talking! Some regard the single as an anti-feud track while others regard it as J. Cole coming back to maintain his spot as one the greatest. He names it Middle Child because within the family dynamic people tend to forget the middle child but Cole made his declaration that he will not be forgotten or pushed aside. Cole makes references about not being concerned about the competition and if he did make a diss record it would no be for fame, money, clout, or recognition but just because he can. And not only can he make a diss record but he could also potentially ruin someone's career with merely his words. This type of rhetoric is not new to the rapper. He has been in feuds before with his song False Prophets. Cole is not the one to shy away from controversy and telling you how it is whether it is from doing drugs to beefs with the greatest.