February 26, 2019

NEW MIX TAPE ALERT! Kehlani While We Wait

Kehlani While We Wait 

If you are need of new music that cleanses the soul and uplifts the spirit, look no further, Kehlani has blessed us with her newly released mixtape While We Wait which is streaming on all platforms! The mixtape is made up of 9 songs ranging from love songs like "Love Language" to break up anthems like "Nunya." Kehlani has not disappointed us when it comes to creating bops and music that really allows you to slow down. If you do not know already she is pregnant with her first child, Adeya and that has not stopped her from creating this mixtape in mere months. She does accredit this work to her daughter and titles the mixtape While We Wait because the world is currently waiting on the arrival of Adeya and this music is "while we wait."
Also, if you are looking for a podcast and want to get deeper with Kehlani and poet and writer Reyna Biddy "Sunday Gems"is available on iTunes! They both talk about issues of depression, realities of life, good energy, etc. Go elevate yourself and listen to both the podcast and mixtape!