March 25, 2014

New Music Tuesdays!

We've moved, everyone! New Music blog posts will now be on Tuesdays!

This week on our top lists is Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden.  Their newest album, "The Shape The Color The Feel" is the essence of an indie CD with the focus being on the lyrics and instrumentation blending together to create one haunting sound.  The songs "Hangover" and "The State I'm In" jump out of the album with two different sounds.  Where "Hangover" is more upbeat, "The State I'm In" employs mellow tones mixed with guitar to almost lull you to sleep.

Starting out again in Nashville, the band has already had songs featured in TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, and MTV features.  On tour at the moment, the next few shows will be in Nashville, St. Louis, and Akron, OH.

Check out their website here!