March 26, 2014

World Views Wednesday

The guest of last Thursday's International Experience Nicolas Pinedo, from Mexico talked about his country's most popular sport Soccer.

(Joseph)J: Nicolas, what is the most appreciated sport in your country ?
(Nicolas)N: Well, Americans call it Soccer but we call it football
J: So, you like European football more than American one?
N: Yes, exactly my country has several strong teams and footballers. From local teams they usually go to Europe to play in more competitive atmosphere.
J: Can you name the most well-known footballers from Mexico?
N: Nowadays, Chicharito is highly appreciated, he plays for Manchester United in England, it is one of the best teams in Europe.
J: Which is your favorite soccer team?
N: As a Mexican I would say Guadalajara, because it is my local team and I think everybody should support his or her own local teams.
J: And in general, which team do you like the most?
N: Football Club Barcelona still remains the top position in my heart.
J: Oh nice choice, I guess it is because of Rafael Marquez who played for Barca some years ago.
N: May be but Barca is still the best without him.
J: All right, I think I know the answer but I will still ask you the question of today's world of soccer: Messi or Ronaldo?
N: Well, of course Lionel Messi.
(Barca is nickname of Football Club Barcelona )