April 29, 2014

New Music Tuesday!

Based in Brisbane, My Fiction has released their second album to great reviews.  Rolling Stone has said that “My Fiction should lead the next wave of Aussie festival faves.” Whether or not you agree with the writers of Rolling Stone, this album continues on their comforting indie sound with an honest and confident track line up.

"Young Again" features the sounds that everyone lately likes to hear: a pop indie song with clear lyrics and multiple guitar lines.  In contrast, the band has also thrown a few tracks on the album that might appeal to the rock or punk scene.  "Clever Kids" features a harsher vocal sound and the typical forefront guitar line that drives the tempo and feel of the song.

My Fiction has something for everyone so don't be afraid to check out their website, Facebook, and twitter. They promise "A free mustache twirl with every new follow on twitter"! So get on that, obviously.