April 25, 2014

RADIO RAISER! 4/29-5/5

Join the WNJR staff, community members, and W&J faculty and students as we all band together to raise money for our beloved college radio station!

Next week we will be promoting our annual RadioRager fundraising event which is a 48 hour marathon of live shows and music hosted by all of our volunteers. This year's RadioRaiser goal is to raise enough money to buy a digital sound board to look beautiful (and actually work) in our brand new studio!

Here's a sneak peek of some of the shows to get excited about that will be taking place during the Rager:

Boy Bands Killed Jazz
I Don't Like Mondays Reunion Episode
Top o' the Mornin'!
C Side Jazz
Sundry Lunch
Country Power Hour

Listen to 91.7FM for more details April 29th to May 5th!