April 2, 2014

World Views Wednesday

 Great discussion with last friday's guest Danilo, from Peru. Talking about Peruiuan beliefs was pretty interesting and appealing. Danilo shared his views on an early marriage culture, which is mundane in Peru.

Joseph: Danilo, what is particular aspect in Peruian social life that disturbs you?
Danilo: Actually, I can think of many of those but the most peculiar one could be the early marriage in Peru.
J: Why do people marry early in Peru?
D: There are many traditional and religious beliefs in Peru, which lead to those marriages but nowadays those religious beliefs transformed into social cliche.
J: What do you mean by social cliche?
D: Well, it became common sense that people should marry after high school graduation. Even not religious people follow this tradition, that is why I call it social cliche.
J: So the tradition of small groups of people shaped this little aspect of Peruian culture?
D: Yes, absolutely.
J: What encouraged the people to engage early, was it only for religious purposes or something else?
D: Oh, have you ever heard about shamans in Peru?
J: I guess so, Peru has 2nd largest number of Shamans in the world after India.
D: That is right, and some people often hire them to make a marriage, in spite of the partners' willingness.