November 4, 2015

   Albums to be on the look out for :
    Trenton P "So ILL" is definitely a hot album. His rap skills are pretty dope and you can't help but to bob your head as the beat plays through your headphones. There is definitely a couple songs on there for the ladies as well, which I personally loveeee ! I probably listened to this album a good four times now ....

 2.    Mega Ran "RNDM" is a 'must-listen'. I'm pretty sure I was    able to let this album play through, no skips or fast-forwards. With this being his seventh official release, he makes it clear that he's no rookie in this Hip-Hop game. Don't let this one slip by you, go listen now !!

  I know we all remember Nappy Roots ?! They are definitely someone that makes it hard for you to forget them. Their newest release, "The 40 Akerz Project" definitely has some hot jams on it. Take a listen and I promise you won't be disappointed.