November 4, 2015

Spotlight on Jess Perman

Hello gorgeous listeners of WNJR Radio! I hope you're all having a great Wednesday. Today is the day for a spotlight and today's is Jess Perman. Jess is a sophomore here at Dub Jay (clearly) and is majoring in Biology on the Pre-Health track. Jess also works here at WNJR Radio and she's our PSA Director. For all those wondering, Jess' job is to put important Public Service Announcements from the March of Dimes and other organizations into our system. Interesting fact, Jess also co-hosts a radio show with Danielle Shellgren called Bad Dance Moves at 10PM on Mondays. Now, if you guys are ever wondering what it's like to work at WNJR or want to know just a little more about Jess you can email her here. I hope you guys have a great Wednesday and enjoy the beautiful weather!