April 1, 2016

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Another character in the Halo series, who is integral to the entire plot, is the AI, Cortana. No not the new-fangled version of Siri made by Microsoft, Cortana in the Halo series is John's sidekick helping the suit move and do thousands of other calculations to help him out. Created from DNA, Cortana is a very powerful AI, actually handpicking John as her partner based solely because he was lucky.
Soure: WikiMedia
Cortana, has helped John on numerous missions, sometimes concerning the insurrection that was going on. Or she would help guide a Battle cruiser through slipspace, which is essentially a man-made wormhole. She even helped John blow up a ring world, lo' and behold called Halo, because of an infestation of flood came out and and started ravaging everything in their sight.

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