April 1, 2016

WNJR Provides Music for Chili Cook-Off

               "Sometimes superheros reside in the heart's of small children battling big battles"

    WNJR is honored to be DJ-ing an event in honor of such a heart-warming, optimistic child like Jayme Flock. The Chili Cook-Off is set to begin around 11 a.m. and proceed until around 3. For only $5 you can purchase 3 tickets! Double that amount and get 8 tickets !! It's cheap, there will be amazing food, and most importantly, benefits will go to the family of Jayme to assist in medical expenses, like chemotherapy. Also, WNJR is known to show up and show out, so of course there will be awesome music !

The event is open to everyone; so tell your kids, tell your wife ! [And everyone else you know :]