November 10, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Kehlani

If you are craving the classic R&B that reminds you of love lost, and love gained, you should definitely listen Kehlani. Her new style of music will have you empowered in independence; teaching to set your standards high. She reminds me a lot of Jhene Aiko; both self-assured in themselves and use their music as a means to express their perspective on love while demanding their respect. Kehlani speaks truth and is unapologetic, she attempts to pass on good vibes to all her listeners and encourages greatness. Her song title "You Should Be Here"talks about how her lover is present but not emotionally here. Kehlani's musicality is so powerful it inspires fans all over to recognize their situations and the power they have in them. If want an experience like no other, mixing the new school feel and old school class and swagger, isten to Kehlani.