February 19, 2016

Gaming Den

Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody,
Welcome to the Gaming Den

Today I would like to talk about the role of Multiplayer in Video Gaming. Multiplayer gaming is where people get together either physically or over the internet to play a game together. I find that Multiplayer is a very good way to be social, without the awkwardness of finding what to do. Games that support multiplayer have found ways to enter the social gathering scene in many ways, with Nintendo's many family friendly games to the carnage in first-person shooter style games.

Source: Dorkly

Depending on the game one can do different things, such as in Minecraft one would be able to build many different structures, limited only to your creativity, and the projects would be done faster if you can get some of your friends to join in.

So grab a couple of friends this weekend and have some fun.

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