March 1, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Bryson Tiller

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Bryson Tiller 
Tiller is one of the artist that was not expected, yet accepted with open arms by all audiences. He is essential for the brokenhearted, who needed someone to tell them 
"Girl that man didn't show any effort,
do all I can just to show you, you're special. 
Certain it's your love that holds me together." (Don't, Tiller). 
Finally a man who is not just rapping or singing about that "one thing". A man that actually cares about the feelings of women. We have not seen artistry like this since Frank Ocean. Now of course his songs varies from break up songs to more upbeat songs, but the title of his album (Trapsoul) explains his entire album. Not only will you be nodding your head but you'll be thinking about the special someone as well. I highly recommend giving Bryson Tiller a try.