April 9, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Cardi B

Everyone loves the underdog that wins in the end and proves all of the critics wrong. For Cardi B beating the odds has been her life. From surviving domestic violence then, basically starring in a hit reality TV show to dominating the Hip Hop charts, it is safe to say she is winning. So when she finally dropped her first album after releasing "Bodak Yellow" and the "Be Careful" all of her fan celebrities, and Oprah fell in love with it. But she did not lose steam there, She recently appeared in SNL! Hard-working isn't even the word to describe Cardi B, she is an anomaly, from where she started to in the Bronx stripping to hosting SNL is unheard of, some would say impossible. Cardi B is simply amazing and she doing all this pregnant. There simply no limit for her. Go check out her new album and be amazed by her level story telling and passion for the genre.