March 10, 2016

Artist Spotlight: The Palms

 Hey everyone, hope your week is going well and you're ready to discover some new artists! The Palms is a band based in Los Angeles consisting of members Johnny Zambeti and Ben Rothbard. With songs like "Public Enemy #1," "Breakin' Up," and "Headphones" the band perfectly embodies the feeling of a summer night in LA. My personal favorite from the band is the song "Push Off." The band has more of an indie or alternative vibe, but if you are interested there is an electronic remix of "Push Off" which you can check out here!  The Palms are not on iTunes yet but you can check them out on SoundCloud or even buy their EP on bandcamp! If you're interested in hearing more by The Palms or by artists similar to them then don't forget to tune in on Monday nights at 10PM to Bad Dance Moves!