March 11, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Zayn

Source: Direct Lyrics

What happens when a singer leaves a multi-million boy band to go solo? A hit single apparently (Surprised? Me too). Zayn Malik is known as one fifth of the boy band One Direction. Zayn provided the quintet with a silky falsetto and a little diversity. I know everyone was wondering (especially me), what could Zayn possibly do now that is more successful than his career with his group members? But lucky for us all, he has proved the naysayers wrong. Zayn released his first solo record Pillow Talk and it has been making waves for a while now. Most are surprised by the adult lyrics and the R&B sound that his "directioners" aren't use to. However, who cares? Zayn is making amazing music that seems to reach the masses. Tune into WNJR Radio 91.7FM for a listen (: