April 27, 2018

Two Musical Events This Weekend!

Hey everybody this weekend there are some cool music related events happening! The first is happening tonight at Church of the Covenant, the W&J choir and camerata singers will be performing Mozart's "Requiem" and the camerata singers will be performing a few other short songs. This is going to be a beautiful night of music, and it's free so you should come out and support the choir! 
Source: W&J Arts Series
There will also be a performance on Saturday night by the African Dance group Kulu Mele at the Olin theatre at 7:30pm. Here is a blurb about their group: "Kulu Mele’s repertoire includes traditional/folkloric West-African and Afro-Cuban dances that includes celebratory, sacred, spiritual and ritualistic dances, accompanied by live traditional drumming. Kulu Mele also performs contemporary American hip hop, exploring the development of dance genre, tracing its lineage from traditional to contemporary." This event is free for W&J students. Kulu Mele is also going to be leading a free beginner hip-hop workshop at 2pm which is also free and being held at the Olin Theatre on Saturday. So go to the afternoon workshop and then support the last Arts Series event this year!!

Have a fun weekend everybody!