16 February 2018

Black History Month: Black Music Legends!

Hello hello gorgeous humans! We at WNJR hope your day is going well and just thought we'd shine a spotlight on a few Black artists that have shaped the music world in the past and present.

                                                                    Source: Wiki
Here we have The Blossoms, an unknown but very talented group of the mid 50's and 60's. The group was initially formed at Fremont HS in LA in 1954. Throughout their career different women stepped in to take positions in the group but the most notable, with the hit He's a Rebel. To learn more about The Blossoms go here. Also make sure to tune into WNJR or turn your channels to 91.7FM to catch a glimpse at the band's talent. Below is a recording of Good Good Lovin', enjoy!



                                                                                              Source: Wiki

15 February 2018

Cultural Union Coffee Breaks

Starting today is the first of the new weekly "Cultural Union Coffee Breaks" where you can have a break and enjoy learning about new cultures. This new event is sponsored by the Office of International Student Initiatives who will provide coffee and little snacks. Each week a different cultural club or organization will lead the discussion, this will be an opportunity to talk with other people about their experiences and learn about other cultures. These coffee chats will take place every Thursday on the 2nd floor of Burnett from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

12 February 2018

Tune Monday: JoJo

Happy Monday! As the week begins after the weekend comes to an end, what better way to start off your fabulous Monday than with a throw back from the one and only, JoJo! Starting her career in her early teens, JoJo has always been a force in pop culture with the release of top hits such as "Too Little, Too Late", "Leave", and "Baby It's You." The release of her cover song for Drakes original song "Marvin's Room," allowed her to give a women's point of view in a relation, opposed to Drake's man to man approach. If you are a women experiencing relationship issues, want someone back, or just simply need to hear that you don't need a man at all, then this is the song for you. Tune into WNJR.ORG to hear the best of the best in the one and only, Washington PA.

09 February 2018

Tips on How to Stay On Top of Work

Hello beautiful people! We at WNJR hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday! It's the beginning of the semester and things are getting fired up! So before things get out of control here's some tips to stay on top of your work!

  • Plan Ahead
    • Make sure you jot down deadlines of papers, tests, meetings, and presentations in order to make the proper preparations.
  • Study
    • Tests can be very difficult, so study a week or two before your test to be able to retain the information. Study your notes and recopy them to also help with retention. 
  • Deprocessing
    • Make what you're studying personal to you to make it easier for you to learn.
    • Procrastination is your enemy. Waiting until the last minute works for some people, but even then you can be put in a tough spot when trying to display your best work.
  • Tune into WNJR
    • Music is a great way to relieve stress! Listening to good music and relaxing is vital to helping you study. Taking study breaks by going to get food or listening to music can help you retain the information you've learned.
Thank you so much for reading and we at WNJR hope that your semester goes swimmingly!

06 February 2018

New Music: Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost is a band that's still breaking through. They've been together for about ten years now and are getting more popular every year. They have an alternative pop sound and their songs have some pretty interesting subject matter. J the G has played more than 1,000 shows as they enjoy touring so much. This month they announced a new album and released the single "Everybody's Lonely" from the new Album, and they're going on tour this spring to play their new album "Off to the Races."  In the area around Washington and Jefferson, they'll be playing a show in Millvale, PA on May 18th (tour information here). Here is there new single "Everybody's Lonely":

05 February 2018

Black History Month: Black Musical Legend Recognition!

Image result for prince and justin timberlake
Photo Courtesy of pitchfork
 Superbowl 52 Halftime Show
Millions yesterday watched as Justin Timberlake paid homage to the great Prince. While most thought it was owed because the Superbowl took place in Prince's hometown, others felt it was disrespectful due to the nature of their relationship. Besides the drama that has been surfaced on social media due to the performance no can deny the legacy Prince left behind. His sound transcended and transformed the way we listen to music now. His death was not only a loss to the music but also the world. In respect of Black History Month I ask that you take some time to listen to Prince! 

16 January 2018

R&B Reboot!

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R&B Reboot

Happy New Year and welcome back to another great year with WNJR. As the returning R&B music director, I am pleased to give you new music and sounds this semester. Please join me weekly as I update you on what's hot and new! Starting off this week I am featuring one of the most talked about records of 2017. Many of you know it for it's break out hit "Crew"by Goldlinks, but few know the true essence of the entire album. "At What Cost" entails the journey of DMV (DC Maryland Virginia)  native Goldlinks through love, loss, and success. It is an album full of avant garde sounds and rhythms. In my opinion it was the ultimate summer record full of a somewhat jazzy relaxing sound. Songs like "summatime" and "Mediation" made you either dance or listen and "Crew"buzzed in everyone's ear in 2017. So as I close this R&B reboot, I encourage you all to listen to "At What Cost."

15 January 2018

Music Monday: Manuel Turizo


Happy Monday everyone! As the week if off to a great start, here is a song from Manuel Turizo Zapata “Una Lady Como Tu.” The song was released in 2016 and gained him widespread popularity in Latin America.  While this song is what started him career essentially, it was also nominated for Kids’ Choice Award Colombia for Favorite Song in 2017.  Coming from a family of musical talent, while Manuel’s brother and father are both musicians, he definitely is considered one of the best in the family after the release of “Una Lady Como Tu.” I hope you enjoy this tune and check out more of Mauel’s music on YouTube! Have a great week and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day